What's a LIFE Group?

Intentional relationships are essential if we want to become more like Jesus and have a sense of belonging. Starting in Coastal Kids and Student Ministries we have the belief that community is important by belonging to a LIFE Group. These small groups help us sharpen our love for God and people through studying the Bible, serving others, and building lasting friendships. Here at Coastal, we believe that LIFE Groups are “the heartbeat of our church.”

Is a LIFE Group for you?

Have you ever felt lost in a large church? We believe that a LIFE Group is how the church can continue to grow and yet remain small at the same time.

Have you ever desired to know more about the Scriptures? A LIFE Group is where extended time can be taken to intentionally study God’s word.

Have you ever wondered how other people just like you are managing the difficulties of life while trying to apply the truths they learn from Scripture? A LIFE Group is where you can discuss the ups and downs of life with others while trying to understand life’s difficulties through the lens of Scripture. These honest discussions help to eliminate the thought that we are alone in our struggles, and they also give us hope that if the person next to us can make it through, so can we!


LIFE Group Core Values

At Coastal, we call every small group community a LIFE group for a reason. Each letter of the word LIFE represents a core value that we believe each group should uphold.

Find a Group

Love God

In each LIFE Group, we want to love God, honor God, and create an opportunity for everyone to experience God.

Impact Others

No one has impacted the world quite like Jesus. We believe each LIFE Group should follow Jesus’ example and be intentional about positively impacting the lives of others through various types of community service.

Find Time to Play

One of the characteristics of the early church was that they spent time enjoying each others company (fellowship). Therefore, we believe the group that prays together should also play together.

Engage Authentically

Honesty, authenticity, and transparency are important characteristics for developing strong relationships. We believe that when people engage authentically, they remove invisible barriers that limit them while maximizing their potential for growth.

Make Friends. Explore Faith. Find a LIFE Group

LIFE Groups are the heartbeat of the church- there's one for you!