Coastal At Home

Coastal is our church home, but we believe we can have a location right where you are.

One of the incredible things about the time we live is that the Church is not limited by buildings or geography. We love gathering together in person, but that isn’t possible for everyone, all the time. Our hope is that Coastal at Home gives everyone the chance to gather together in worship, connect with others, and find resources that will encourage and enrich them.

Create an environment of worship and connection.

Get access to materials and resources.

Message Notes
Know where to find them online or on our app. You can even print a few copies. Messages>

Coastal Kids
Enjoy Coastal Kids At Home with your children with weekly resources and updates. CK at Home>

Student Ministry
Keep students connected to Coastal Student Ministry with At Home resources each week. CSM at Home>

Think about what a weekend experience looks like at home.

Clear out distractions
Remove any barriers to worship and learning. Find a space in your home and set it up to be warm and inviting. Include the kids and turn up the volume! Worship is for everyone.

Practice hospitality.
Whether you are able to experience service with a couple of friends, or whether we’re all staying in our homes for a season, find ways to get to know the people you are worshipping with, even if it’s all online.

Set the tone.
Be the leader in your home. Help everyone stay focused on the service and be ready afterwards to answer questions.

Make our Response Time a part of your experience.

Spend time in prayer for one another, family, and friends. Online Prayer Requests>

Remember the sacrifice of Christ through providing bread and juice for Communion.

Take a few moments to discuss the message.

  1. What was one thing that was really meaningful or insightful to you from the message we just heard?
  2. What's your next step? Share one practical thing you will do in response to this message that will help you in you grow spiritually.

Use proper technology for streaming the worship service.

You don’t have to have the latest, greatest technology to host church at home. But some attention to detail and basic requirements will go a long way for a smooth experience.
Streaming Platform
We are currently streaming services to the following platforms.

Internet Speed
Don’t wait until the start of the service to make sure it works.





Is it fast enough? Check speeds here ›

Video & Audio

Treat this like you would any sports event, and consider the size of your “congregation.”

Play on any TV enabled with Airplay or Chromecast, or with a set-top device, using your preferred streaming platform.

Worship confidently. Make sure you can make it loud enough without hurting your ears or bugging your neighbors.

Questions or need help? Feel free to send an email to